Micronutrient Testing Blog

We at TLC Medical Centre, Inc. believe in the full body approach to helping patients feel their best. Zoom Heaton, RPh, CN, CDE is a specialized functional pharmacist with advanced training in clinical nutrition and functional medicine that can help guide your nutritional and overall wellness! Today, we are going to answer some burning questions you may have about Micronutrient Testing with Zoom.

  • Why did you decide to receive training in functional medicine?

One of the privileges I have as a pharmacist is working closely with people and helping them discover their full health potential. Many are sick with nowhere to turn for answers and have no guidance to help them get better. I decided to first get my certification in diabetes education and then advanced education in clinical nutrition. There were still missing pieces to health problems that people were having that frustrated me. This led me to work on my fellowship in functional medicine so I can get a more well-rounded training in how to support the body in a more effective way integratively. This has helped me to work with individuals in a more in depth manner putting the pieces of the puzzle together for their best health and healing. It has certainly been more gratifying especially when patients see and feel improvement.

  • What is special about Micronutrient Testing? How does it differ from blood tests that my doctor orders?

Micronutrient testing is that missing piece of the puzzle for many patients who have had reoccurring symptoms for years and medications only serve to temporarily relief while creating other toxins in the body. Micronutrients are the essential vitamins and minerals the body needs to function. Energy metabolism, formation of cells and tissues, and enzymatic reactions all depend on vitamins and minerals, or micronutrients. Many patients are on multiple medications with drug-induced nutrient depletion as a dire consequence. These nutrients determine your health status long term so it's good to be "in the know" in order to keep your body functioning well longer. The test we use differs from other blood tests in that we can see how severe your deficiency is up to 6 months prior. This is a functional test versus a static test where it only shows you your deficiency status right now.

  • Will my insurance pay for Micronutrient Testing?

Yes, we can file the claim for you and if your insurance picks it up, you will get paid directly by them.

  • How long does it take to receive results once I’ve had my blood drawn?

It takes 3 weeks before test results come back to TLC and I will evaluate and put a nutritional packet together for you and bring you back in for an assessment consult which is already included in your initial payment.

  • How can I get started?

If you think that micronutrient testing is an avenue you want to explore, call the office to make an appointment. You will have some forms to fill out for your meeting with Zoom.