Helping Our Community

Every Friday is blue Jean day. Staff wearing Jean's donate five dollars.

This year, TLC staff raised $1,000 and are donating the funds to Children's Place, Inc. in Aiken, SC. The donation consists of both material items and cash.

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  • Do you have expired medications?
  • Do you have medications you no longer take?
  • Do you know what to do with them?

Don’t leave them sitting around at home!

Flushing them down the toilet can be toxic to our water supply!

Stay tuned for a date to bring your expired and unused drugs to TLC Medical Centre in April 2019!

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Helping Our Community

Shepeard Community Blood Center Blood Drive

Have you or a loved one ever needed blood while in the hospital?

Shepeard Community Blood Center has a location in Aiken, SC that was first established to help meet the needs of patients who needed blood at Aiken Regional Medical Centers. Now, it has a permanent location and travels to different locations for blood drives to help the community. Shepeard Community Blood Center’s Bloodmobile will be on site at TLC Medical Centre during our Drug Take Back Event on April 27, 2019. Please call 803-648-7800 or come by TLC today to make an appointment to donate your blood during this event and help save lives!